These Trees Are Climate Superheroes

This is a multimedia feature project for Vox that uses text, photos, and graphics to explain how at least three tree species from the rainforests of Brazil, Indonesia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo regulate and interact with the global climate and weather patterns thousands of miles away. The reporting team focuses on a few key superpowers of these tree species, and explains how the forest ecosystems continue to be under significant threat of deforestation.

Supertrees: Meet Indonesia’s Carbon Guardian

Indonesia’s mangroves are an incredibly effective tool against climate change — but they’re being cut down to grow shrimp and palm oil for you.

These 3 Supertrees Can Protect Us From Climate Collapse

Meet the trees, get to know their superpowers, and learn how scientists are trying to protect them.

Behind the Story: Climate Supertrees

Eliza Barclay explains how the Vox reporting team focuses on key superpowers of three tree species in three rainforests to convey their unique ecological roles and the urgency of protecting the them.