Trump's World

President Trump’s disruption of political norms within the United States is well documented. But the 45th president has also changed the U.S. posture toward the rest of the world with his new America First agenda.

Where the U.S. once held itself up as an example of a liberal democracy that others should emulate, the country now has a more transactional approach to foreign policy. Trump's upended diplomatic norms that have existed for decades, embracing world leaders shunned by his predecessor and at times taking aggressive stances against the U.S.’s traditional allies. The nationalist president is also deeply skeptical of international organizations such as the United Nations and NATO.

Reporters from The Boston Globe examined these new ideals that America is exporting under Trump and how they’re impacting places well past our borders. This includes how Trump’s dog whistles to extreme groups are being heard in foreign countries, how Trump’s demonization of the free press impacts journalism across the globe, and how his embrace of conspiracy theories has affected diplomacy.