Venezuela: The Endgame?

On January 23, the president of Venezuela's National Assembly, Juan Guaido, proclaimed himself the interim President of Venezuela, seeking to oust President Nicolas Maduro. Immediately, the United States, followed by dozens of countries, recognized Guaido as Venezuela's leader. The move has plunged Maduro's government into its deepest political crisis since Maduro took power and pulled the country into a downward spiral of economic near-collapse and a humanitarian crisis. Venezuela has been thrown into a state of limbo, between two competing, supposed presidents.

In a series of reports for the PBS NewsHour, Nadja Drost and Bruno Federico report on the unfolding political crisis, interviewing members of the opposition to try to understand their next steps and vision for the future. They will also cover how government loyalists, known as Chavistas, are responding and potentially planning for a reversal of power.

Caught in the middle are regular Venezuelans. How do Venezuelans of all stripes feel about the role of international powers, particularly the U.S., in influencing political outcomes? And what do they want to happen?