Walk on Campus Workshop: A Slow Journalism Resource for University Educators

In 2013, Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Paul Salopek set off on the Out of Eden Walk, a 21,000-mile trek around the world in the footsteps of early human migration out of Africa.

On his decade-long journey, Salopek combines digital technologies with a methodical and in-depth approach to long-form journalism. Now, his colleague, veteran National Geographic journalist Don Belt, aims to bring this mindful appreciation for “slow journalism” into two- and four-year college and university classrooms across the country.

The Pulitzer Center is proud to partner with Belt to offer curriculum support and half-day workshops designed to share how professors across disciplines can utilize the Out of Eden Walk project to enhance students’ engagement with concepts such as immersive storytelling, digital literacy, and hands-on, community-based reporting. This interdisciplinary approach has been adapted by dozens of university educators in fields including journalism, geography, international studies, anthropology, environmental science, education, and more.

With over 30 years of experience as a journalist and educator, Belt developed the Walk on Campus curriculum when he was at the Robertson School of Media & Culture at Virginia Commonwealth University and continues to incorporate it into his teaching at the University of Richmond. He has presented on the topic more than a dozen times on campuses and at conferences including the University of Chicago, Cornell University, LaGuardia Community College, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the American Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications.

To learn more about this unique Walk on Campus curriculum and associated workshops, and to schedule a session on your campus, contact Belt at belt.don[at] or Ann Peters, Pulitzer Center university and community outreach director, at apeters[at]