The Atlantic

Conflict Minerals in the Congo

Minerals extracted in the DRC are said to fund rebel groups connected with crimes of rape and murder. Advocate groups are working to limit the use of conflict minerals in electronics like cell phones.

Detained in Khartoum

On her first day back in Khartoum, where she is reporting on the upcoming 2011 referendum on independence for South Sudan, Rebecca Hamilton was detained by security agents for six hours.

How AIDS Became a Caribbean Crisis

We may be accustomed to thinking of AIDS as most rampant in distant parts of the world like Africa, India, and South Asia. But these days the epidemic is flaring up a bit closer to home, in the Caribbean. Indeed, AIDS is now the leading cause of death among adults there, and the Caribbean's rate of new infections is the second highest in the world, following just behind Sub-Saharan Africa.

Hungry in Guatemala

In a country plagued by chronic malnutrition, government solutions keep coming up short. The real problem: poverty and income inequality.