A Single Man: One Chinese Bachelor's Search for Love

Modern China is a difficult place to be a bachelor. With a declining birth rate and a growing gender imbalance, China's men are entering a sparse dating landscape with limited opportunities for marriage.

Haiti's Dirty Habit: Can Smarter Stoves Heal Haiti?

Can energy-efficient stoves reduce Haiti's demand on wood fuel, which has cost the country its forests and left its population more vulnerable to natural disasters like last year's earthquake?

How Boat Clinics are Transforming Rural India

Boat clinics in India provide family planning services, immunizations, antenatal care to pregnant women and basic healthcare to socially and geographically isolated villages along the Brahmaptra River. But there are still hurdles to overcome.

A fisherman stands knee-deep in the river as a boat pulls up to the bank in the northeastern Indian village of Tengatoli. A crew made up of doctors, nurses, and one pharmacist grab bags of medical supplies and lug a large generator toward the bamboo homes in the distance.

The Kashmir Question

William Wheeler wrote about the potential water conflict brewing between India and Pakistan. Here, in another dispatch, he looks at the question of Kashmir in growing tensions over a limited resource.

The Water’s Edge

The Indus Waters Treaty has governed the sharing of a strategic river between India and Pakistan, but will this treaty survive the emerging water crisis?