The Nation

Crackdown in Cairo

The postponement of the trial for former interior minister Habib al-Adly and six of his aides caused Egyptians to flood Tahrir Square in protest of the delay.

Firestone's Super Bowl Fumble

Bridgestone uses the Super Bowl's halftime show as a public relations tool to clean up its image as it faces a class-action lawsuit for alleged human rights abuses and use of child labor in Liberia.

Scars and Stripes

Jion's one leg is carrying him as fast as it can go. As he races down the field on his crutches the stadium is silent, waiting to see if the goalie can block his shot. Jion kicks.

Sudan's 'Lost Boys' Return Home

Three young men who fled South Sudan as boys and grew up in the U.S. return home to reunite with with loved ones, grieve over those who have died, and offer the skills they acquired to help a struggling people.