National Journal

UAE: Powering Down

The world’s biggest oil producers are pouring money into renewable energy. Why isn’t the United States, the world’s biggest oil consumer, following suit?

The Persian Gulf's Nuclear Choice

The United Arab Emirates, a tiny oil-rich sheikdom across the Persian Gulf from Iran, will soon be the first Arab country to build a nuclear reactor. Who will be second?

Iraq: Southern Discomfort

Feeling cheated by Kuwait, abandoned by Baghdad, and betrayed by Washington, Iraq's oil-rich city of Basra in southern Iraq is turning to Iran.

Iraq's New Strong Man

Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki was once the great hope for democracy. Today, he looks more like Saddam-lite as the Iraqi government heads towards a dictatorship.

Iraq: Stop the Press

Iraqi journalists are harassed, beaten and murdered as the government takes violent steps to eliminate a free and open press.

The Trojan Horse?

The Sadrist movement is gaining momentum in Iraq--thousands gathered in the streets in support of the Shiite cleric last week.

Baghdad's Green Zone a Forbidden Fortress

Even as the U.S. draws down troop levels, concrete barriers still define Baghdad, a troubling reminder of the vast gulf separating the Iraqi public from the rulers ostensibly elected to serve them.