In These Times

Our Cotton Colonies

Following a T-shirt's supply chain from Burkina Faso to Bangladesh to your local mall—and back again.

What Afghan Women Want

Women in Afghanistan want their children to be safe and fed. They want a government that protects them against sectarian violence. But none of this is in sight, and soon the Americans will be gone.

Hard Times For Turkish Dissenters

With Turkey positioning itself for a greater voice in the region and with many viewing it as a model for the emerging democracies of the Arab Spring, its poor human rights record raises questions.

In and Out of Turkish Refugee Camps

Syrians, many who have been tortured, escape to Turkey. In crowded clinics they struggle to make room for one another. Meanwhile Syrian refugee lawyers compile an account of abuses.

High-Tech vs. Humane Healthcare

A woman was being carried down the road in a bed.

I have encountered some strange things in South Sudan—seen malnourished children; nearly stepped on a large opalescent snake—but nothing more compelling than this.

What impressed me as I struggled to catch up was the speed at which the four men carrying the women were moving, each supporting a leg of a bed constructed of rough-cut wood and a lattice of rope.

Why Iraq is Getting Worse

A new civil war between Shiites erupts within the old civil war between Sunnis and Shiites

A cloud of steam rises above the crowd in the 120-degree heat. As their leader approaches the podium, the thousands who have assembled meet him with pledges of their fealty.