Mother of Mothers

The faces of mothers of mothers,
their cheekbones gleaming against
taut skins; their eyes glazed
with the scarring of so much loss.


Every crumbled building is a tomb.
We step over grey crushed bricks
and the entanglement of steel.

Cholera's March Across Haiti

At the origin of the cholera epidemic now spreading across the country, Dr. Wesler Lambert of Partners in Health explains how and why the disease has found fertile ground in Haiti.

Haiti: Cholera Crisis

William Wheeler discusses the cholera outbreak in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, which has left more than 1,200 people dead.

Earning the Trust of Haitians with HIV

Photographing and telling the stories of HIV positive Haitians after the earthquake requires sensitivity, earning the trust of the subject and allowing their common humanity to show through.

Trailer: Haiti's Lost Generation

"Haiti's Lost Generation" explores education in Haiti - a critical issue that has been overshadowed by the grave humanitarian crises which followed the January, 2010 earthquake.