Boy in Blue

"Boy in Blue" is the first in a series of visual poems chronicling challenges faced by Haitians infected, and affected, by HIV/AIDS in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Malia Jean

Women are increasingly bearing the burdens of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Haiti; one HIV-positive woman shares her story of ministry, love, illness and how the earthquake affected has her work.


Caught between questioning current realities and dreaming of a better future, a 17-year-old boy shares his coming-of-age story living with HIV and poverty in Haiti.

Mrs. M

A narrative of family, faith and fortitude in the face of HIV and poverty in Haiti.

More Than Survivors

Despite the strong stigma associated with HIV/AIDS in Haiti, three courageous individuals share stories of persistence and faith about those living and working with the disease.

Joel Sainton

In Haiti, an HIV-positive preacher shares his story of adversity and faith, creating a support network for HIV/AIDS patients. "God gave me a blessing because he gave me a mission among those who are infected."


HIV/AIDS sufferers in earthquake-ravaged Haiti exemplify human resilience, coping with their conditions through means both earthly and heavenly.

Return to Gitmo

Gitmo’s environmental director grew up on the base and came back to protect the wildlife he loved as a kid.

The Question of Survival

A Haitian woman, pregnant and infected with HIV, risks spreading the disease to a new partner in order to secure financial stability. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story.