Homosexuals Find Acceptance in Voodoo

Sanon Webster Jr.'s home collapsed during the devastating earthquake in Haiti. He now lives with five young men who, like him, are both voodoo priests and gay. Lisa Armstrong reports on how gay men find refuge from homophobia in Voodoo.

This segment was produced by Outer Voices. Support for the Lisa Armstrong and Andre Lambertson's reporting was provided by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. This Outer Voices podcast series was made possible with the support of the Schulz Donor Advised Fund of Sonoma County.

Dominican Republic: The Reporting Team

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic - We did a lot of legwork for this reporting trip the last time we were in the Dominican Republic. We spent days following leads, meeting one person after another in an effort to find those who were actually being affected by this new constitution. By the time we left, we felt that we were only one or two steps removed from getting the story, rather than five or six. We also nailed down our two most important contacts for this trip: our driver, Carlos, and our translator, John.

Dominican Republic: Intro to Our Reporting

Steve and I are back in the Dominican Republic for part two of our reporting here.  On this trip we want to delve into the tumultuous relationship between the Dominican Republic and Haiti – the two nations that share the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola.