Afghanistan: The Road Ahead

Afghanistan is often called the forgotten war, but it shouldn't be.

We've just spent the month looking at Khost province and looking at the security and reconstruction effort through the eyes of the Americans and Afghans.

Khost is strategic province. It is a political and military hub and has one of the longest borders with Pakistan. It was also a haven for al Qaeda and where Mohamed Atta and several of the other hijackers trained.

Arguably, Khost is where Sept. 11 started and it is also here that the Americans and Afghans are making progress.

Reconstruction aid is flying in, security has drastically improved and for the most part Khostis are happy. They are also busy building multi-story buildings in town and barracks on Forward Operating Base Salerno.

Afghanistan can be won; it is just going to take a lot more work and resources.

Forget opium right now. Too many policy makers are trying to solve an economic problem (poppies are Afghanistan's only cash crop) with a moral solution (drugs are bad and should be destroyed). The only solution may be to subsidies the crops, but there are bigger issues first.

Like roads.

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