After Saudi Teen Granted Aslyum, a Look at Life for Women in the Kingdom

Image courtesy of user: Esrever/Wikipedia. 2007.

Image courtesy of user: Esrever/Wikipedia. 2007.

A Saudi teen who fled her allegedly abusive family is granted asylum in Canada. We’ll look at what’s changing and what’s not for women in Saudi Arabia. This segment was hosted by Meghna Chakrabarti.


Sarah Aziza, journalist covering human rights and women's issues in the Middle East. She lived in Saudi Arabia for six years. Her reporting in the New Yorker reporting was supported by the Pulitzer Center. (@SarahAziza1)

Yasmine Mohammed, Canadian human rights activist who was in touch with Rahaf Mohammed Alqunun. Founder of Free Hearts, Free Minds, an organization that provides psychological support for ex-Muslims living within Muslim-majority countries. (@ConfessionsExMu)

"Laura," who fled from Saudi Arabia in 2013 after suffering abuse for more than a decade.