Bushmeat Market and Degradation of the Ecuadorian Rainforest

Image by Daniel Grossman. Ecuador, 2011.

Image by Daniel Grossman. Ecuador, 2011.

The rise of commercial hunting in Ecuador is disrupting the balance of the Ecuadorian ecosystem.

A recent report estimated that 12 tons of bushmeat is sold every year at the Pompeya market and most of the bushmeat is being hunted by the native Huaorani.

Nearly 50 species of animals are traded each year in the markets and the impact of the large scale poaching is causing problems for the environment. The hunting of large mammals is impacting seed dispersal and allowing for less control on the growth of smaller seed-eating rodents.

Although the bushmeat trade is degrading the ecological community of the Ecuadorian rainforest, there seems to be no end in sight for the illegal enterprise.

Dan Grossman spoke with Ecuadorian wildlife experts and biologists for his report for PRI's The World.