The Crisis Egyptian Doctors Are Facing

Egypt has reported about 20 thousand cases of coronavirus so far. The Health Ministry of Egypt predicts that the worst wave of COVID-19 will occur in June. The Medical Union of Egypt has blamed the government for the deaths of 22 doctors. The Union accuses the government of negligence and inaction regarding personal protective equipment and testing kits. Thus, a group of doctors decided to halt work in response to the death of their colleagues.

Could the Egyptian government stop the rise of coronavirus infections and deaths among people and healthcare workers?  

In this episode of Almostajad, we host two Egyptian doctors, Taher Khattab, and Ahmed Hussein, to talk about the medical situation in Egypt and the protocols used to treat infected people. We also talk to journalist Rana Mamdouh from the Mada Masr website, who explains the escalating doctors' crisis and the reactions in the media.

This episode was hosted by Abir Kopty, written by Sarah Abu Alrob, and edited by Tayseer Kabbani. Research for this episode was conducted by Rawan Nakhleh. The executive producer of Almostajad is Ramsey Tesdell.

To listen to the full episode in Arabic, click here.