Forest a Fortress for Ecosystem Protection (bahasa Indonesia)

Tanjungpura University Educational Forest has a forest cover of 15,000 hectares, consisting of secondary dryland forest and secondary swamp forest. Image by Arief Nugroho/Pontianak Post.

“The location is over there. Go further inside,” said Humaini. He was pointing to the location where an orangutan appeared in Cokelat Sub-village, Wajok Hilir Village, Siantan Sub-district, Mempawah District, in 2018.

Wajok Hilir Village is about 30 kilometers from the Tanjungpura University Educational Forest.

Sudaryo, Head of RT 03/04, Cokelat Hamlet, Wajok Hilir Village, said the appearance of orangutans in the area is not the first time. Previously, said Sudaryo, in 2012, the appearance of orangutans had also occurred around community plantations in Wajok Hilir Village.

In fact, the appearance of this protected animal has caused a riot in the community. 

According to Sudaryo, the sight of orangutans around plantation areas and community settlements is not something strange. He said the natural conditions of Wajok Hilir Village have undergone many changes. “In the past, this was a forest area. Gradually it turned into oil palm plantations,” he said.

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