Internet Cafe Refugees Published in Le Monde Magazine, France

Fumiya lost his apartment after quitting a job where it had been provided. He searched for a place to live but had no luck affording one with the $2,320 a month he earned working as a security guard. He's since been living in an internet cafe where he rents a tiny room for $660. Between the security deposit and two months rent required for a down payment, Fumiya estimates he would require $10,600 to rent a studio in Tokyo. Image by Shiho Fukada. Japan, 2013.

M: Le Magazine du Monde published images of Japan's Disposable Workers, part of a larger series of reporting by photojournalist Shiho Fukada, on June 8, 2013.

Select the attachment below or click here to view the full PDF of Fukada's images and the accompanying article by Philippe Pons. (Text is in French.)

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