Liberia: Local journalists pick up investigation

Jina Moore, for the Pulitzer Center

When Glenna Gordon and I started digging into a pretty incredible legal scandal, we knew it would get people riled up. What we didn't know is whether the brouhaha stirred by our report would have any real effect.

Seems like it did, in some ways. Our article, about a former minister of justice who claims to own the copyright to the Liberian law, has lawyers, businessmen and others buzzing in Liberia, or so we're told.

But one of our favorite outcomes is this article, by a Liberian journalist for the Daily Observer. Granted, it has some errors -- it gets some of the information it attributes to our article just plain wrong, and it kind of lets the former minister off the hook without much of a fight -- but frankly, we were delighted to see local journalists pick up the trail.