The Nature Laboratory Center (bahasa Indonesia)

Turtle durian (Durio testudinarius) falls under the Vulnerable (VU) category towards extinction. Image by Arief Nugroho/Pontianak Post

Tanjungpura University's educational forest plays an important role as a natural laboratory. The area is also home to various types of rare and protected plant species.

Virgiawan Welandika, a 2015 student of the Forestry Faculty of the Tanjungpura University, conducted research on the diversity of pitcher plants (Nepenthes spp.) in the forest area.

Kantong Semar — the Indonesian name of the pitcher plant — is a unique plant. It has a pocket at the end of the leaf. The pocket also acts as a trap for insects, which are a source of its food. This plant is classified as a carnivorous plant.

The pitcher plant has a variety of colors and shapes that make it have a distinct beauty. With this peculiarity, the plant has a fairly high aesthetic value, which has the potential to be developed as an ornamental plant.

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