From State Losses to Threats to Society (bahasa Indonesia)

Trees burned from forest fires dry up and are left to die. Image by Arief Nugroho/Pontianak Post. Indonesia.

The water from the river flooded the road when Pontianak Post visited Penepat Kanan Sub-village, Peniti Dalam II Village, Segedong Sub-district, Mempawah District, 19 July 2020. 

The water almost submerged the porch and part of the residents’ houses. One of them was the house belonging to the village head, Fauzani Abdullah.

Incidentally, Fauzani's house is right on the riverbank. The distance is about five meters from the terrace of his house. According to Fauzani, the puddles came from the overflowing rivers that were no longer able to accommodate water discharge.

"Usually two or three days the water has receded. But now, for almost a month, the water has not receded,” he said.

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