Women Deliver Announces 15 Journalists, 15 Voices for Girls & Women

Pulitzer Center grantee journalist Allyn Gaestel on reporting trip in Nepal. Image by Allison Shelley. Nepal, 2012. Web design by Women Deliver.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2015, Women Deliver is honoring "15 Journalists, 15 Voices for Girls & Women" including three Pulitzer Center-supported journalists. The focus by Women Deliver this year is on journalists from around the world who are advocating for and advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights.

“Women's health is often seen as a 'soft' topic, but I have found it to be anything but. My reporting on women's health has offered an important lens for me to explore not just women's lives but the roots of crises that affect society more broadly,” winning Pulitzer Center grantee Allyn Gaestel wrote in the essay the Pulitzer Center submitted to nominate her for the honor.

Gaestel was recognized for her immersive coverage in bringing local women's untold stories to light including Nigeria’s silent abortion crisis and monthly exiles of menstruating women in Nepal. Gaestel reported on these issues with photographer Allison Shelley with Pulitzer Center support.

Journalists Jina Moore and Mae Azango also were honored on the list of 15 journalists: Moore for her use of innovative digital platforms to bring groundbreaking stories to broad global audiences, and Azango for risking her life to expose injustices facing girls and women.

Moore and Azango were involved with a 2011 Pulitzer Center reporting initiative that partnered African and U.S. journalists to explore critical challenges in reproductive health and family planning. They were among a Pulitzer Center-supported team of journalists who examined what reproductive health in several African nations meant for women in terms of their lives, deaths and socio-economic stability.

Learn more about the journalists and read their thoughts on the importance of reporting the issues women and girls face around the world at the Women Deliver website.