Ocean Health

Greenland: Whale Hunting

When the fishermen-hunters from Qaqortoq bring back a whale, the shoppers are happy — whale meat is their favorite dish. Due to international quotas, the village is only allowed two whales per year.

Iceland: What Happended to Global Warming?

After an unusually stormy winter and a cold spring the people of Northern Iceland like to make fun of the global warming theory—but they don’t really question the scientific arguments.

In the Sea of Cortez, Fighting for Scraps

Fifty years of intense fishing on Mexico's Sea of Cortez has left behind a highly depleted resource. As environmentalists struggle to find solutions, photographs capture the fishermen's daily quest.

Mexico: The Fishermen and the Sea

For decades, environmentalists painted fishermen as the enemy of the seas. Today, conservation hinges on scientists and locals working together — and seeing fisherman as an intrinsic part of the sea.