Pulitzer Center Update

Journalism with Impact: Pulitzer Center's Second Quarter of 2020

Image Courtesy of the Pulitzer Center.

Image Courtesy of the Pulitzer Center.

On March 11th, the Pulitzer Center staff gathered in our conference room and decided that it was time to shut down the office, with the hope of returning two weeks later. Two months-plus later we are still working from home. In the initial days the focus was all about cancellations and postponements, undoing the many commitments we had made for events, educational engagements, and reporting projects that COVID-19 had suddenly rendered moot.

In the weeks since, however, we have all been amazed by just how much our dedicated staff has been able to accomplish, from launching dozens of collaborative reporting projects on COVID-19 to taking much of our educational work and events online. In addition, cross-team engagements have focused on the redesign of our website and development of a Rainforest Journalism Fund website, the creation of a Pulitzer Center policy on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and re-imagining the Pulitzer Center’s operations to achieve our mission in a post-COVID world.

A challenging time, to be sure, but energizing and hyper productive too—and a reminder of the Center’s crucial role for journalism, education, and the public we serve.

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