The Pulitzer Center is committed to building global awareness through education. We work with elementary schools, high schools, and universities to bring pressing international issues, and the journalists who cover them, into the classroom.

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools: K-12

Want to inspire your students with global issues and the journalists who cover them? Our programs engage students, foster curiosity, and encourage critical thinking.

We provide lesson plans, in-person and Skype journalist visits, workshops, and professional development.

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Campus Consortium:
Colleges and Universities

This network of partnerships between the Pulitzer Center and universities and colleges engages students and faculty on the critical global issues of our time.

We coordinate with each campus to develop customized programming, journalist visits, and student reporting fellowships.

Campus Consortium Programs
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Fellow Reporting

Student fellows from our Campus Consortium partners report from around the world on issues that matter.

Western North Carolina, Climate Refuge?

Western North Carolina's population is growing quickly. One reason: climate change. However, this population boom may create greater threats for the brook trout, a climate-sensitive species.

Meet the Journalists

Pulitzer Center grantees introduce their reporting projects in our Meet the Journalist videos.


Pulitzer Center e-books feature in-depth reporting from our grantees on a variety of critical issues—pollution, the end of AIDS, and the refugee crisis, for example.

Educators: Explore Lesson Plans

The Pulitzer Center offers hundreds of free K-12 lesson plans and university-level curriculum based on original global reporting from news outlets such as The New York Times, PBS NewsHour, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, NPR, and many more. Lesson plan topics range from refugees to climate change to women and children's issues.

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Education News

The latest news and resources from the Pulitzer Center education team, showcasing school visits, original curriculum, educational video from journalists, and other content that helps educators bring international journalism into the classroom. This section highlights Pulitzer Center work in middle and secondary schools, and at the post-secondary level through the Campus Consortium, our network of partner universities and colleges. Also featured here are our Student Fellowships—international reporting grants for university students.

Lesson Plans

Pulitzer Center lesson plans are sourced from journalism produced by our grantees and published by top-tier media outlets. This online curriculum helps educators engage students with global issues.