Pulitzer Center Update

The Psychological Toll of Duterte's Drug War on Pulitzer Center Instagram This Week

Image by Pat Nabong. Phillippines, 2017.

Image by Pat Nabong. Phillippines, 2017.

Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism student fellow Pat Nabong will be posting from the Pulitzer Center's Instagram account from March 12 - 18, 2018. 

According to local media reports, thousands of alleged drug users and dealers have been murdered by vigilantes and police loyal to President Rodrigo Duterte since July 2016. In low-income communities, people witness friends and family members' deaths on a regular basis, triggering a nationwide mental health crisis. As a Pulitzer Center student fellow, Nabong returned to her home nation to explore how witnesses and family members are coping with the killings.

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