Fixing Nigeria's Water Pumps

In Nigeria’s conservative north, a woman working under a scheme that strives to facilitate sustainable water pumps proves that what a man can do she can do just as well.

Nigeria's Need: A Long-Term Policy on Fistula

What happens when the aid stops? US support helps women suffering from obstetric fistula but only a systemic Nigerian solution that improves maternal health care can provide a permanent solution.

Reverse Brain Drain: Economic Shifts Lure Migrants Home

The tide of brain drain – from developing countries to industrialized nations – has turned. Human capital is now returning home to Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

Aftermath of Boko Haram Christmas Day Bombings

Photographer Bénédicte Kurzen documents the aftermath of the Christmas Day attack in Madalla, Nigeria, where the Islamist militant group Boko Haram set off a bomb at a Catholic church.

What's Causing Water Shortages in Ghana, Nigeria?

Every day, millions of people across West Africa struggle to get access to safe drinking water. In many cases, the greatest obstacle they face is lack of government accountability.