Afro-Mexican Identity

In 2015, Mexico conducted its National Census. It was the first time in the country’s history that Mexicans were given the choice to identify as Afro-Mexican. Jonathan Custodio traveled to Veracruz, a city with one of the largest population of Afro-Mexicans to report on how this newly recognized minority is being treated by the majority of the citizens and other minority groups. Custodio delves into the history and culture of African ancestry in the city and what both the national and local governments are doing to assist the underrepresented Black people in Mexico.

Afro-Mexicans have been neglected for centuries and very few stories feature what circumstances or issues they face due to their identification. This project will bring eyes to a story that is barely visible.

Preparing for Carnaval in Coyolillo

Every March, Coyolillo's residents delight themselves and visitors with spicy dishes, traditional African dance, cultural offerings, and energetic musical performances. But first, they must prepare.