Muslims in Manchester: Countering Islamophobia

Given the global political situation today, Muslim youth are often characterized as potential terrorists or radicals. Numerous articles in the mass media profile cases of how bright, ambitious Muslim youth abandon their dreams to become ISIS fighters, or, in the case of young women, become wives of such radicals. With politicians like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson voicing their harsh opinions of minorities, everyday life for them becomes more difficult.

Amir Hassan reports on how Muslims are dealing with Islamophobia, focusing mainly in the city of Manchester, England, a city commonly associated with poverty, crime and disillusioned immigrant youth. His project "Muslims in Manchester" focuses on Muslim youth who embrace their faith, using it to promote non-violence, community building, and a sense of global citizenship.

Hassan documents the powerful counter-narrative that the world has yet to see—one that we do not hear about through the media. By focusing on individuals, Hassan creates a more human image of Muslims.

Brexit and the Fear of Immigrants

Traveling to Manchester, UK, to report on how Muslims are dealing with Islamophobia, Amir Hassan discovered a country reacting in shock to Brexit—news that Britain would leave the European Union.

Muslims in Manchester Speak Out

Amir Hassan sheds light on the daily lives of Muslims in a city with a large Islamic community, Manchester, UK, focusing on their efforts to reflect Islam in a positive light. One says, “I’m a normal person, just a human being.”