Venezuela in Crisis

The world was riveted in January 2019 by the power struggle between Venezuela’s opposition and President Nicolas Maduro. So where are we one year later? The Opposition failed to win the support of the Army, Maduro remains in power, and the Venezuelan people continue to suffer, but now with the added pressure of crippling sanctions. So what happened? Marcia Biggs and the PBS NewsHour team talks with members of Venezuela’s Opposition to understand the rift in their ranks, the failure of their mission, and what they plan going forward. They also talk to those who lost loved ones in the extrajudicial killings of protestors. How do they feel about where the country is, one year later? In addition, they visit some of the ordinary Venezuelans struggling to get by in a country where 5,000 people a day are fleeing the country, creating a refugee crisis second only to Syria.