Women and Opportunity in Southern India

The patriarchal notion of women’s inferiority to men follows Indian women from a young age, contributing to the severe gender inequality in the country. Despite improvements made to help women and children, many women still give up their education in order to work to support their families. Even then, because of their lack of education, many women find their salaries insufficient to raise their kids. Additionally, they are often paid less than the men they work with.

However, Indian women find hope through government-approved women’s empowerment groups and churches that offer free training in handcrafts such as tailoring. With such training, they are able to find jobs and earn enough to take care of their families. This project illuminates the stories of women in rural areas of southern India who have sacrificed their studies to take up a job and others who have been able to learn crafts through various programs made to benefit them.

Women in India Face Family Burdens

In India's male-dominated society, women are often expected to support their families. Those who shoulder this responsibility face challenges while taking advantage of various opportunities.