South America

Brazil: The Art of Equality

Elan Gepner, a winner of the 2010 Project Report contest, explores how several NGOs and activists in Brazil are steering the country's impoverished youth away from lives of crime and violence through creative programs.

A Drier Amazon

A severe drought believed to be triggered by Atlantic warming currents threatens Colombian lives and livelihoods.

Green Gold

Colombia, which hosts some of the largest untouched ecological areas in the world, joined the carbon credits for cash initiative, REDD, in September.

French Guiana: Mercury, the Global Threat

Illegal mining of gold contributes to the violent climate of French Guiana, but individuals also suffer due to unhealthy contact with mercury during the extraction process.

Ecuador Puts a Price Tag on Untapped Oil

Whether they’ve looked at the trees, the insects, or the jaguars, scientists have agreed that Yasuní National Park in Ecuador’s Amazonian rain forest is one of the most diverse places on earth. But nature left one thing underground that could seal the fate of all that life above: Nearly one billion barrels of oil.