China: "You Have to Help Him, He's Dying"

Sim Chi Yin's Project, "China: Dying to Breathe" on Outlook from BBC World Service.

Photographer Sim Chi Yin spent four years documenting the end of He Quangui's life. Mr. He was a gold miner from China's Shaanxi province who battled silicosis, a lung disease associated with mining. Silicosis is the most common occupational disease in China, the country that produces the largest amount of gold in the world.

Chi Yin's project tells the story of Mr. He's disease, and of the love between He and his wife that strengthened him for so long. Mr. He died on August 1st, 2015.

In this episode of the BBC World Service's Outlook, Sim Chi Yin speaks with Matthew Bannister about the reporting project in which she found herself trying to help a dying man.