Complications in Suriname

Well, I was planning to sit down and write a bit of background on the little bat that we're after down here in Suriname--about the fact that only ten specimens have ever been caught (four by my dad or his teams), about the interesting rarity of this species and the delicate ecosystem of the Guiana Shield--all in preparation for talking with the local officials tomorrow at STINASU and the governmental division Nature Conservation....

Unfortunately, just as I was starting, I got a call from the travel agent informing me that our intrepid photographer, Jason Florio, is currently enjoying an unexpected stay at the Hilton in Port of Spain on Trinidad. It appears that his flight from Port of Spain to Paramaribo left early, and now he and everyone else expecting to fly on are stuck. Worse still, that flight doesn't go out on Mondays. So we're facing the possibility of flying to Tafelberg sans photographer or perhaps chartering an additional flight down on Wednesday when Jason arrives. The travel agent is even looking into chartering a flight from Port of Spain for the entire stranded contingent in Trinidad.

We'll just have to hope for the best and see what happens.