The Naxalites

Naxalite guerillas trek back to their jungle redoubt, south Bastar region.

A bow and arrow wielding member of the Sangam, the Naxalites’ village militia, south Bastar region.

Naxalites pay visit to tribal village on daily patrol, south Bastar region.

For some Naxalites, a homemade rifle will have to suffice until better arms are seized or stolen from state police forces.

Dawn in Naxalite territory, south Bastar region.

A young Naxalite takes a break to read Maoist doctrine at a jungle camp, south Bastar region.

Rice and stewed vegetables are daily staples for Naxalite guerillas.

Half-portrait of Naxalite fighter at remote jungle camp, south Bastar region.

Naxalite guerilla in a training exercise, south Bastar region. The AK-47 pictured was said to have been seized in a recent attack on police forces.

Naxalite guerilla raises weapon to the call of “Lal Salaam”, or red salute, south Bastar region.

Naxalite guerillas conducting morning roll call at their jungle camp, south Bastar region.

Deep in the virgin jungle of southern Chhattisgarh, Naxalite guerillas live, train and recruit beyond the reach of government forces.