What's in a Name?

Image by Ruthie Ackerman. Liberia, 2007.

With a name like Comfort she shouldn't be crying. But her aunt died recently leaving her to fend for herself and her 5-month old baby, Varht. A family friend told her to seek help at THINK, a safe home for ex-combatants, girls in trouble with the law, runaways and victims of violence, which provides an education and training to 25 girls over the course of nine months. But just because Comfort's doing the right thing doesn't mean it always feels right.

Comfort is 17 years old and is training to be a pastry chef, along with a number of other women in the program. One day she hopes to open her own bakery shop named Comfort's. But with so few jobs and so many young people attending training programs, even those who are trying to better themselves find it difficult.

Yet they have to start somewhere. Rosana Schaack, the executive director of THINK, says that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf believes education is the answer; the young people I spoke to agree. They all said they wanted to better themselves "for tomorrow." But when does tomorrow become today?