The Dark Side of Colombia’s Goldrush

Small-scale miners in Colombia are fighting to protect their lands from large corporations looking to cash in on the country's gold rush.

Regulating Colombia's Mining Industry

What role will Colombia's new mining and energy minister, Mauricio Cardenas, play in defining Colombia's future as a competitor in the global energy market?

Gold Rush

Despite death threats and nine suspicious murders last year, the Afro-Colombians of La Toma refuse to hand over ancestral mining rights to multinational corporations.

Colombia: Down in the Dark

A Colombian miner makes his first trip underground six weeks after a mining accident killed his brother and four others. Despite outcry from politicians, conditions in the mines have not improved.

Colombia's Mining Boom

Colombia's recent surge in mining activity is threatening some of the country's most fragile eco-systems.

Guardia Indigena Vs. Illegal Miners

Guardia Indigena, a pacifist force, protects land populated by the Nasa from armed groups and illegal miners. In March 2011, they successfully headed off bulldozers in Las Canoas reserve.

Floresmiro was the Only Survivor

Colombian coal miners are digging harder and deeper than ever before to bring supply energy to the world, but it is not without personal costs.

Fighting to Protect Colombia's Water Supply

In Cogua, Colombia, some are asking the federal government to take action against the mining and agriculture that threaten the nation’s water supply.