Fábio Zuker

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Fábio Zuker is a writer who focuses mainly on essays, features, and investigative reports.

He holds a master's degree in social sciences from EHESS-Paris and is a doctoral candidate in social anthropology at the University of São Paulo (USP). As a journalist, he frequently collaborates with Agência Amazônia Real, and has written for National Geographic, piauí magazine, Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil, O Estado de São Paulo, Agência Pública, Nexo Jornal, and other Brazilian media.

In recent years, he has worked specifically with stories relating to the Amazon rainforest, seeking a "writing nearby" the people experiencing the destruction of their territories, and their forms of resistance. His first book, The Life and Death of a Minke Whale in the Amazon (Publication Studio São Paulo, 2019) will be published in English with Milkweed Editions in fall 2021. He also wrote On the Escape Route: Essays on Writing, Fear, and Violence (Hedra, 2020).



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Friday, December 11, 2020