Madeleine Ngeunga

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Madeleine Ngeunga is a Cameroonian journalist specializing in Human Rights and the environment with more than 8 years of experience in the media.

She started her career as a broadcast journalist before turning to data journalism, following the Open Data Media training she received from CFI Media. In recent years, Madeleine has combined field visits and open data analysis to cover environmental news. She also puts her editing skills to work for InfoCongo, a regional platform that uses data, interactive maps and stories to cover environmental topics related to the rainforest of the Congo Basin. In 2019, Madeleine was selected as a Global Forest Watch (GFW) scholar; which enabled her to train Cameroonian journalists in the use of GFW data for the production of articles related to forest management.

Holder of a diploma in communication from the University of Douala, Madeleine has been recognized with awards several times for her reports on forest governance within the framework of the Cameroonian Forest Media Awards (forMA). Her articles have been published by several media including Thomson ReutersMongabayForest News Cifor, and Landscape News.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020