Terrance Smith

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Terrance Smith is beyond ecstatic to present such an important piece alongside this amazing group of artists and visionaries. He has lived in the Bay Area his entire life and has had the tremendous pleasure of working in theatre, film, commercial, television and voice over. Since the beginning of “Shelter in Place” he has managed to engage in a variety of virtual acting from the comfort of his own couch, some of which include August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean and Radio Golf, which he performed for the Eastbay PlayReaders and The Charlottesville Players Guild, respectively. He’s also virtually performed for the Ashland New Plays Festival in Oregon and the Black Arts Movement Business District Festival in Oakland. He’s even managed to do a voice over session for his character DJ Train Trax on the hit Netflix children’s series Go Go Cory Carson. He hopes that you enjoy this powerful piece!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020