Justice Renewed: Liberia After War

Glenna Gordon and Jina Moore look at Liberia's efforts to restore law and justice -- for victims of sexual violence, for communities in conflict and for the nation as a whole. Gordon and Moore travel to Liberia's new Sexual and Gender Based Violence courts to find out how the country is tackling an epidemic of rape crimes and to rural Liberia, to investigate growing land disputes that threaten Liberia's hard-earned, fragile peace. The project focuses on local voices, experiences and ideas to understand the new Liberia.

Liberia: Punishing rape, one year later

Liberia is coming up on the one-year anniversary of Court E, a judicial innovation the country hopes will help it tackle an epidemic of rape. Glenna Gordon explains the court, and the difficulties it's had in its first year. And our World Vision Report on the court airs soon; stay tuned.

Images from Liberia

Some of my favorite pictures are never published. They aren't part of an assignment or a narrative, but they're what happens while I'm waiting for the assignment or the narrative. There's a lot of waiting involved in working as a journalist in Africa. Having a camera keeps it interesting. It's an excuse to wander around the periphery and peek into people's homes and people's lives. There's so much I don't understand – what's being said, what is meant, what is wanted, what is next.

'Africa Must Take The First Step'

When Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected Liberia's president in 2005, she inherited a country wrecked by civil war and began to transform it. Today, school enrollment is up 40 percent, Monrovia has power and running water, and trade in diamonds and timber is up again. NEWSWEEK's Jina Moore met recently with the former World Bank economist to talk about terrorism, the resource curse, and Obama's Africa agenda.

Is Obama keeping his promises to African leaders and their people?