COVID-19 Strikes a Country in Crisis: Dispatches From Venezuela

Prodavinci, the premier digital outlet in Venezuela for explanatory journalism, is using data analysis, science reporting, and narrative journalism to report on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, particularly on the most vulnerable groups. 

Prodavinci coordinates a network of Venezuelan journalists, in the country and abroad, as well as specialists in data analysis, economics, medicine, epidemiology, and public policy. This project seeks to help fight disinformation in the digital sphere and offline communities during the pandemic.

Prodavinci´s partners include seven local radios, digital media outlets, and newspapers: Radio Fe y Alegría Noticias; El Correo del Caroní, Diario La Nación, El Carabobeño, El BusTV, Servicio de Información Pública, and Arepita.

'Daddy, I want to go to Trinidad because I’m skinny'

The government of Trinidad and Tobago deported 16 Venezuelan children and their mothers in two boats on November 22, after arresting them upon entry without visas. The following day they returned to Trinidad and remained isolated in quarantine due to the coronavirus. Prime Minister Keith Rowley’s government considers them illegal migrants and demands they return to Venezuela.

Neyla’s Venezuela

After sitting in three planes and walking through four airports, Neyla couldn’t put her mother, who had stage 4 cancer, at risk of contracting COVID-19.