Syrian Refugees in Turkey

More and more Syrian civilians, who possess only what they have carried on their backs, and who will likely never be able to return to the homes from which they fled, seek refuge in neighboring countries and face extreme hardships due to a lack of basic resources.

Nearly three million refugees are without adequate food, shelter and sanitation. Disease is rampant, clean water is scarce, violence is escalating and aid money is dwindling.

Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are struggling to support an expanding network of refugees seeking an escape from the chaos while navigating social, political and cultural turbulence with little outside help. Student fellow Selin Thomas documents people on the margins as she tells stories of the Syrian conflict.

Flight from Syria: Refugee Stories

A new e-book on Syrian refugees with reporting from Hugh Eakin, Lauren Gelfond Feldinger, Stephen Franklin, Joanna Kakissis, Alia Malek, Holly Pickett, Alisa Roth, Alice Su & Selin Thomas.

Letter from Hatay, Turkey

Hatay, a region that has experienced a confluence of religion, ethnicity and race for thousands of years, is now dominated by an influx of Syrian refugees, increasing sectarian tensions.

Syrian Refugees: The Koksal Family

Just one family of thousands forced to flee Syria after the eruption of war, the Koksals illustrate the tremendous hardships and complexities of the refugee population in Turkey.

Field Notes Podcast: Featuring Our Student Fellows

Our student fellows and professional journalists reflect on the importance of being flexible, remaining open to where stories lead, and listening to the people whose stories we tell.