Women on the Move

Women make up about half of those who migrate internationally and within their own countries. Some are pulled by the promise of a better future, but for those who face famine or danger in their home countries, migration is a gamble for their very survival. For this story from National Geographic, photographers with The Everyday Projects—a global network with a mission to challenge stereotypes by presenting diverse perspectives—explore how hardship and obligation, violence, poverty, climate change, and other forces undermine women’s lives, spurring them to make life-changing journeys.

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The Pulitzer Center is an education partner on this project. A curriculum based on this reporting can be found here.

Photo credit for the project image above, which was composed by Danielle Villasana: Kataleya Nativi Baca, 28, a transgender woman, fled Honduras after enduring years of violent harassment. Here, after crossing into Mexico from Guatemala by river raft, she contin- ues her long journey to the U.S. border. Image by Danielle Villasana. Mexico, 2020. PHOTOGRAPH SUPPORTED IN PART BY THE INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S MEDIA FOUNDATION