Water and the Fight Against Drugs in Afghanistan

Trans-boundary tensions have cast a shadow over Afghanistan’s water infrastructure - and that's bad news when the country is trying to fight its status as the world’s largest opium producer.

What Iran and Pakistan Want from the Afghans: Water

Iran and Pakistan depend on river basins that flow out of Afghanistan. And Afghans are growing paranoid that their neighbors are trying to take more water than the country can afford to give.

What Afghan Women Want

Women in Afghanistan want their children to be safe and fed. They want a government that protects them against sectarian violence. But none of this is in sight, and soon the Americans will be gone.

Afghanistan: PTSDland

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, has become the signature injury of America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But what about the people who live in those places. Can an entire country have PTSD?

The Poetry of Afghanistan's Women

In Afghanistan, poems called landai express love and grief in two lines. For many Afghan women, these poems are a powerful form of protest.