The Politics of Aid Delivery

Southern Sudan officials are in discussion with the UN about the possibility of linking Abyei and Agok by road, allowing the displaced to receive humanitarian aid services in one, central area.

So Much for the Peaceful Division of Sudan

U.N. peacekeepers have been stationed in Abyei since 2005. But when northern tanks rolled into town on May 21, there was little they could do to protect civilians.

Sudan Border Conflict: NewsHour News Wrap

PBS Newshour speaks to Rebecca Hamilton on its May 31 News Wrap. She speaks about North and South Sudan's agreement to set up a demilitarized border zone patrolled by both sides.

Terror in Abyei

Interviews with fleeing residents from Abyei, a border town in Sudan, make one thing clear: the regime in Khartoum is determined to claim the city as its own.

Sudan: Abyei Border Conflict

PBS NewsHour speaks with Rebecca Hamilton on Northern Sudan's warning to Southern Sudan to withdraw from the disputed border region of Abyei; the South refused.

Abyei Refugees in Search of Peace

After the North's seizure of Abyei, refugees pour into Wau in search of safety and news of their relatives and loved ones. One woman's grief captures the story of many.

Can John Garang’s Legacy Hold?

Sudan has held onto a fragile peace since Dr. John Garang signed a peace agreement in 2005. As a northern take-over of Abyei grows more imminent, can Garang's dreams of a Sudanese peace survive?