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Sudan's 'Lost Boys' Return Home

Three young men who fled South Sudan as boys and grew up in the U.S. return home to reunite with with loved ones, grieve over those who have died, and offer the skills they acquired to help a struggling people.

Part 2 - With the Lost Boys of Southern Sudan: The Coming Collision in Sudan

Tomgram: David Morse, A Collision Course in Africa

In late 2001, Michael Klare published a book with the title, "Resource Wars, The New Landscape of Global Conflict." Its cover had a dramatic photo of burning oil wells and he suggested that, while resource wars themselves were nothing new in history, we were potentially at the edge of a new era of resource scarcity and heightened conflict, not only over energy, but over water, minerals, gems, and even timber.

Part 1 - With the Lost Boy of Southern Sudan: Starting from Zero

Tomgram: David Morse, Energy Wars and Lost Boys in Sudan

If Somalia, occupied by U.S.-backed Ethiopian troops and in the midst of a chaotic, growing insurgency that has hardly been noted here, could well be our new Afghanistan, then what might Sudan be? Perhaps the starting point for the next disastrous oil war on this planet? Right now, in the American mind, Sudan is essentially Darfur, where a genocidal ethnic-cum-energy war run out of Islamist Khartoum is already underway -- a subject which independent journalist David Morse took up at this site in 2005 and 2006.

Afghanistan: Lucky Charms

Like baseball players, Maj. Michele Curtis-Jackson, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade physician's assistant, says all medics fly with luck charms... she carries seven.

1) Heart Shaped D-rings -- the rings in all colors are used to hang up IV bags and secure other things in the helicopter. Curtis-Jackson says they represent the heart of the soldier.

Afghanistan: Dustoff

Company C, 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, is the only medevac company in Afghanistan. Divided into four platoons, the "All American Dustoff" company is based at forward operations bases in the eastern and southern portions of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan: Bazaar

Bazaar Noorullah makes about $2,000 a month selling antiques and Afghan crafts to soldiers at Forward Operating Base Salerno.

Afghanistan: Mosque

A splendid blue mosque sits near the 4th Brigade headquarters on Forward Operating Base Salerno.

Its light blue color is more striking because it is in a sea of beige buildings. It has smooth steps made of concrete and stone and carpets inside cover the floors.