Education in Haiti: Adapting to Tent Life

Haiti's post-earthquake tent cities house many willing students who lack accessible education. Educator Alzire Rocourt has a passion for teaching and a vision for change.

Working with nothing but her sweet voice, an old chalkboard and some cardboard posters, Rocourt teaches Haitian children about the music of Chopin, Beethoven and other classical composers. "School has become for them the way to hope," she said.

Factions Spar over U.S. Aid for Cuba

U.S. aid is controversial in Cuba, where authorities see the programs as an attempt at regime change. As proof, they cite the case of Alan Gross, a development worker who was detained in Cuba one year ago and accused of distributing illegal satellite communication gear.

A Divine Mission

Thirteen years ago, Deacon Patrick Moynihan gave up his life as a commodities trader to become a Catholic missionary in Haiti. He is now the director of the Louverture Cleary School, where 350 students with no financial means receive a high school education for free.

A Time to Act

Alzire Rocourt knows that time is of the essence. She teaches classes to primary-school age children in tent city camps. But she cautions that Haiti will cease to be a nation if drastic measures aren't taken to reform education.